Bandwidth Controller

Bandwidth management software for windows

Limit bandwidth using these powerful features
Centralized management
Traffic shaping is carried out on a network server. There is no need to install any software on client machines to limit bandwidth. All processing and configuration is done at a central location which has the added benefit of keeping it secure from malicious clients
Individual and group filtering
Limit bandwidth of a single client to match their specific requirements. You can also limit entire groups of clients with a single filter.
Precise rate control
Data rates can be set between zero and one gigabyte per second. The resolution is one byte per second making it possible to limit bandwidth with ultimate precision.
Detailed statistics
View the usage of each filter with a real-time graph. Fine tune your bandwidth management strategies using the instant feedback of the statistics window.
Protocol and port filtering
Control data depending on the protocol and ports being used. This allows you to individually limit IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, Peer-to-Peer and various other types of traffic.