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socializer_logo.pngSocializer is way to submit your post to all of the social bookmark networks at once. It include 37 social bookmark networks (digg,, furl, reddit, backflip, kinja? just to name a few).

Allows you to link to all social bookmark websites using one link. When we add a link to a new social bookmarking website, your visitors will be able to use it immediately!
You don’t have to worry about social bookmaring APIs
Easy to implement – simple Javascript code and PHP code provided!
Provides a good service for your visitors.

para o Plugin para o WordPress.

via [Sergio Rebelo]

3 thoughts on “Socializer – social bookmark

  1. Eu também achei a ideia interessante. Agora há uma série de sites que oferecem serviços semelhantes, mas este pareceu-me o mais interessante. Acho que também vou fazer um, mas com outras caracterí­sticas. quando o fizer e SE o fizer, aviso-te ;)

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