winecrossing – sem torvar nada

winecrossing_thumb_CapturaEcra1.pngI love wine. I love the fact that there are so many different wines available. But the choice is hard to make and since I?ve mostly tasted wines that are closer to me (in Portugal) I had the idea of setting up a way for wine lovers to enjoy different new wines from other countries with the help of other wine lovers.
wineCrossing was born from that idea and its main goal is to allow wine lovers to discover new wines by swapping wine bottles with other wine lovers.
wineCrossing is just starting, so there are a few things still to be discussed. I?ll try answer to questions like How does it work? (see sidebar for a quick note) or Which wine should I send? on the next post.

Estas s?os as palavras de apresenta??o deste projecto portugu?s da autoria do Andr? Ribeirinho, a ideia ? simples e j? bastante testada com outros artigos.
Sem fazer turvar nada, se me permitem, sirvam-se ? vontade!

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