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blinklistSe j? tinhamos o Diigo, entre outros chega desta vez o Blinklist, o Mike, fez o favor de deixar um coment?rio com a url do s?tio web do Blinklist.

blinklist is the single best way to manage your personal bookmarks
blinklist allows you to
rapidly bookmark, label and comment on any web page on the Internet. Your sites are organized intuitively using a new filing system. Our new filing system leverages many new approaches that make saving, accessing, and sharing your lists a true joy.

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  1. Single best is a bit of a bold. Have you tried Simpy? Things to pay attention to are: full-text search, a number of powerful search operators and query types (boolean, phrase, wildcard, fuzzy…), Groups, Topics and Topic Filters, Notes, the open REST API, etc. If you try it, I’d be curious to hear what you think about it.

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