Gregarius 0.5.0

Gregarius 0.5.0 was just released, you can download it from the download page.
Changes since 0.4.2:
About 60% of the Gregarius code was rewritten into a slick, object oriented, system.
A WordPress-like theme engine has been implemented, allowing for much more powerful customization of the application?s look and feel
Feed and Folder collapsing, as well as feed updating, are now handled via AJAX.
An RSS feed for tags has been added.
Some 54 new features added and bugs fixed.

Est? na hora de actualizar o agregador, tenho-o instalado na vers?o 0.4.2 com umas quantas falhas, acho que foi a bd, ser? que com esta nova vers?o isso desaparece? Vamos acreditar que sim!