International Weblogger’s Day 2008


Neste quinto ano o tema ? a mudan?a.

The inweday started as a grass-roots project in the spring of 2004, International Weblogger’s Day, or InWeDay for short, is an unofficial online celebration held annually on June 14th. It has united in the past over 500 bloggers from over 40 nations, and has become a symbol of unity among bloggers in recognition of the power that bloggers have through the words they write. To mark the fifth anniversary of InWeDay, an official meetup will be scheduled in Philadelphia.

Mais informa??es no endere?o

2 thoughts on “International Weblogger’s Day 2008

  1. o Feriado Internacional do Blogger.
    A uma terça, para permitir a devida ponte [para ainda termos mais tempo para blogar]. =o)

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