Algum h-de pagar esta conta

Chris Anderson, o Sr. ?The Long Tail?, andou a passear com o seu iPhone no bolso enquanto visitava a Holanda, Israel e China.
Conclus?o 2100 d?lares para pagar na pr?xima factura.

E porqu??

And how did that happen, when I hardly used the phone at all? Because the iPhone’s email app keeps automatically fetching email every ten minutes even when it’s roaming abroad. I know I am the last person on the planet to discover this, and I’m sure that it’s my fault because at some point in the past I must have gotten annoyed by the roaming data warning and turned Data Roaming on, but the way AT&T handled this mistake is insane.

Moral da hist?ria, aprender com as historias dos outros fica sempre mais barato.

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