censearchip_Screenshot.pngThis is a tool developed by Mark Meiss and Filippo Menczer at the Indiana University School of Informatics in March of 2006 to allow you to explore the differences in the results returned by different countries’ versions of the major search engines. We currently work with the Web search and image search functions of four national versions of Google and Yahoo!: the United States, China, France, and Germany. When you enter your search terms and select one of the search buttons, the lower part of your browser window will show a split display of the results for the two countries. For example, if you’re comparing China and the United States, you’ll see information about the Chinese search on the left and the United States search on the right.

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  2. Mario diz:

    Ena tens um novo visual
    Devias dar-lhe uns toquezinhos e tal mas tá fixe :P

  3. _41 diz:

    Apenas alterei os links e removi outros ao trabalho do sueco Ulf Pettersson, ele sim fez um belissimo trabalho.
    O WordPress é muito bom no que toca a ter pessoas a disponibilizar themes.

  4. Nadir diz:

    Bom fim de semana.

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