get a free GMail account with firefox

Have a site or blog with a Firefox logo? Are you spreading the fire on your website? If not, you had better start. Cause, it’ll pay, in GMail!
If you have a website or blog with a firefox link-back button on it you can get a free GMail account with all the fix’ins including 1GB of storage and much more.
Just go to MozNews and fill out a request form. Processing takes about 48-72 hours but may take longer in some instances. We need more requests. We hope to process over 5,000 before the end of this month.

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33 thoughts on “get a free GMail account with firefox

  1. I have requested to receive updates, on several occasions. What can i do in order to have a Gmail account ? Please inform me. Thanks
    Kelly M.

  2. Foi só falares no GMail que apareceu uma carrada de cámones a pedir um :P
    Parabéns pelo blog e abraços de um vizinho (yup, mesmo ao lado, em Tavira). :)

  3. Don’t Know if there are still some accounts left, I just want one, I would appreciate it and I would reward it also somehow

  4. Siempre envio archivos de gran tamaño por e_mail por eso necesito una casilla de correo grande com gmail, de 1 Gb.

  5. Google me parece un proveedor potente y tiene la casilla ademas de su capacidad tiene otras funcionalidades que me interesan.

  6. i need to Gmail Account so plz if you can send me invitation i will be so thank

    Ando h? tempos a tentar ter uma conta no gmail mas ? consigo,se alguem me puder ajudar aceito e agrade?o.

  7. If anyone wants a free gmail invite, please email me.

    There are a few requirements:

    1/ Email to only.
    2/ Email must include your name (or nickname).
    3/ Email must contain your email (to send invite).
    4/ Email subject must be “Gmail invite – Request”.

    Thanks, they have increased to 2GB now so please hurry.

    250 invites+ left.

  8. -How you doing actually i am intrested in getting a GMAIL account. I heard lot about it’s features and storage so if you could please send me an invitation that would be great. I will send you free passes for any concert you want.

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