High Power 300mW 802.11b Wireless Card


The Reliawave RWZ-300mW-WC offers the highest transmit power available in today’s market. It features transmit power of 300mW and excellent receive sensitivity. The RWZ-300mW-WC 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card provides an operating range up to 25 times greater than standard 802.11b wireless cards. Users will experience dramatic improvements in the quality and throughput of their wireless networking. Equipped with a detachable antenna with two available RP-MMCX connectors, users can connect optional high gain antenna to increase the already superior range!
em Demarc Technology Group, LLC Store

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  1. Avatar de Danny Tait
    Danny Tait

    i just got the 300mw demarc pcmcia card. what can i expect with this and an 18dbi cantenna? and do you reccomend any antennas or know of some that perform better than others?

  2. Avatar de zone41

    it’s a explosive mix.
    try Mars or ARC