USB adaptors & DIY antenna = “Poor Man’s WiFi”


Steve Stroh points to a great idea – combining a cheap USB Wi-Fi adapter with a “Chinese cooking strainer” as a reflector.

If it works, this solution, designed by New Zealand hobbyists, might provide good long distance performance — without the need to buy an external antenna.

I use a Lucent USB client hooked to an external antenna for wardriving. I can use 15 feet of USB cable (which doesn’t break) – but the client device (with external antenna) is bulky. I spent about $60 for an Orinoco USB client, $40 for a +12db panel and $20 for a pigtail, or about $120 total.

This solution would be far more compact and half the cost.

The New Zealand experimenters say this technique results in about a +8dB gain. Not bad.

Check it out…

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