Shopping trolley art in Birdfair 2006 England 5

Shopping trolley art in Birdfair 2006 England 5
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Artist creates ?shopping trolley art? to highlight RiverCare and spearhead recruitment campaign.

Anglian Water has commissioned the world?s first river creature sculptures made entirelyfrom shopping trolleys.

These amazing creations highlight some of the rubbish pulled from rivers in the region by RiverCare volunteers every week.The sculptures are being used to head an educational campaign, encouraging more volunteers to adopt a stretch of river by getting involved in, or setting up, a local RiverCare group. World-renowned artist Ptolemy Elrington has transformed discarded shopping trolleys into beautiful sculptures.

RiverCare is funded by Anglian Water,managed by ENCAMS and supported by the Environment Agency.

For the shopping trolley sculptures, Anglian Water and Ptolemy Elrington received an investment from Arts & Business New Partners to develop their creative partnership. Arts & Business New Partners is funded by Arts Council England and the Department for Culture,Media and Sport.

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