Get a free Pro Account from Flickr


We thought you might like to enter an impromptu competition to win a FREE PRO ACCOUNT!
Just print out this page and colour in the dots. When the site’s back up, take a photo of your creation and post it to Flickr, tagged with “flickrcolourcontest”.
Team Flickr will pick a winner in the next couple of days, and that lucky duck will get a free year of Pro.

Rica maneira de entreter o pessoal enquanto n?o termina a massagem, est?o a arrumar uns 20 terabytes de fotos, t? quase.

55 thoughts on “Get a free Pro Account from Flickr

  1. si gano, no podré despegarme del computador, esta cuestión de flickr es un vicio que se suma, por eso creo que en realidad sería como darle un caramelo a un diabético.

  2. Ojalá todos gozaramos de la misma suerte y todos tuvieramos la oportunidad de disfrutar UN AÑO GRATIS !!!!

  3. NO SER�A TERIBLE EN VEZ DE UNO, ESTAR�AMOS TODOS CON ESTE VICIO, si ganase eso sería como darle un caramelo a un diabético.

    Pd: no sería malo en todo caso, depende del punto de vista.

  4. If you dont win it is only $25 for a pro account for one year. I am going to win so just want you to know there is hope for you to have a pro account.

  5. i love astronomy, and art nude, body paint,…
    i wish i have a Pro account for upload my photos.
    i can pay 2$ / month but i don’t have credit card .
    could you help me !
    Thanks !

  6. Hi, fantastic contest!
    Love Flickr more and more!:)

    So it’s not better to donate free pro account to all the competitors?? :D

    come on!

    hasta flickr siempre!!

  7. I cannot wait to see flickr back in action…I wake up in the morning and rush to my laptop to see what comments I received…soo addicting. I already have a pro account but would love to win next year’s account or even donate it to someone good who needs it more.

  8. Thought I uploaded in the first five minutes after flickr restart (it was a funny coincidance. After I finished two of my entries, Flickr was still down as I reloaded two windows; when I reloaded the third window Flickr was back and I immediately upload my entries with the tag included) now that a day passed and my entry still is not in the list when I search the pictures tagged with ‘flickrcolourcontest’ :)
    Flickr counts me as absent, or shell I say, they don’t count me at all :)

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