BlogMad – Public Beta

Blogmad is a blogger’s fun site. It’s an evolutionary traffic exchange taken to the next level which focusses on teaching and helping people get the most from their blogs and makes blogging fun! While Blogmad has a light hearted approach to blogging, its a very serious operation.
Bloggers earn credits by surfing other member’s blogs and are rewarded with credits.
The credits are then used to purchase traffic back to their own blogs or can also be used to play different games on the site.
Bloggers can use all the various features of blogmad to boost traffic to their blogs.
The site is jam packed full of games and other fun things all which allow bloggers to use their credits to wager against other bloggers to win more credits.

Dados estatísticos do Blogmad:
646 blogs registados
3280 users registados
1868 users referred

Neste momento e com apenas 24h após o inicio do programa em termos de referring apartir do Blogmad obtenho segundo o google analytics uns 0,83% em comparação apartir do weblog do Mário recebo 1,15%.

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2 Responses to BlogMad – Public Beta

  1. Nadir says:

    Olá, passei para te deixar votos de um bom fim de semana.

  2. Mario says:

    Hehehe pronto confesso, só hoje vim 5x visitar o teu blog a partir do meu 😛