on the luck of seven

On 07 July 2007, I will depart my apartment for a journey around the world to learn from you. For seven months, I will stand on the seven contents, dive into the seven oceans, and contemplate seven topics of freedom. While in the way, I will be documenting the journey through stories, photos and video. While nothing will stop me from going on this journey, I am looking for 700 people to donate US$11.11 for a total of $7,777. In return, your stories, your connections, and your friends come together into OUR story. Maybe we will produce a book, maybe a musical, maybe a movie, nonetheless, this will be our exploration of our home we call Earth.

O grupo no Flickr já têm algumas fotos e o blog para a viagem está por aqui.
Eu já dei a minha contribuição.

Grande aventura e boa viagem!

Pena o Noel, não passar por Portugal.

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