Vox – blogging tool

vox_CapturaEcra.pngDos senhores da Six Apart, Ltd., surge ent?o o Vox, primeiros eles explicam o porqu? desta ferramenta.

We think there’s a need for a different kind of communication service. We’ve learned from the best bloggers in the world – our customers – that there’s a time for publishing to the world and a time for communicating with just friends and family. Many people still don’t blog because they don’t want to post private stories and photos and have them viewed by outsiders.

Descri??o do Vox
A new personal blogging service. It’s all about ease of use, privacy control, playing well with other web services, and staying connected to the people you care about.
* Control exactly who gets to see each of your posts and photos.
* See all the posts from your friends and family on one page.
* Bring in content from other web services you already use (Amazon, YouTube, more)