The Copyleft Foundation

Fundaci?n Copyleft

The Copyleft Foundation is created in order to defend and stimulate artistic, cultural and scientific production under copyleft licenses.

We believe that copyleft licenses are those which allow creators a greater control over their arts, investigations and projects and a more reasonable economic compensation for their work, as well as allowing the final users a better access to and enjoyment of products under this type of non-resrictive licenses.

For that purpose the Copyleft Foundation will carry out specific projects aimed towards the development and awareness of activities under these copyleft permits in the areas of the arts, culture and science, coordinating and accelerating the synergies that come from individuals, private companies and civil services.

The Copyleft Foundation, which initiates its course this coming month of October year 2006, issues a formal invitation to particpate to all those interested in copyleft and who form a part of the chain of assesment of the arts, culture an science as well as individuals and associative companies.

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