A Empresa

?Business has gone through so many fads: TQM, push marketing, viral marketing, CRM? now we?re all about customer centricity: if we can make the customer central to the organization, well, that?s the key to success. Yes, I confess that I?ve been on that bandwagon myself, so what I?m about to say may shock you:

Stop focusing on the customer.

Stop focusing on your product.

Stop focusing on your sales techniques.

We all want to categorize everything. We want to put each element of business into neat little boxes. Then we can point to one element and say, ?this is the key to all our problems.? It?s just like fad diets: first, calories were the problem. Then, fat was the problem. Now it?s carbs. Finally, consumers are starting to figure out that it?s more complex than that; it?s more about balance. And just as there is no fast fix for dieting, there?s no fast fix for business.?
[What’s Your Brand Mantra?]

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