Trustix Secure Linux is a Linux distribution for servers with focus on security and stability.

These notes are to announce the release of Trustix Secure Linux 2.1, which we
previously codenamed “Horizon” during the development cycyle. It is the second
release in the Trustix 2 series.

In summary, the main driver for this release was to increase functionality and
deployment possibilities like supporting Samba 3, however we have also added
support for the excellent XFS journalising filesystem and at the same time
updated essential packages to the latest version. Swup, our automated update
engine not only insists on digitally signed updates, it now even protects
against compromised mirror sites!

So in summary what does this release feature?
* Swup 2.3
* Samba 3.0.2
* Perl 5.8.3
* PHP 4.3.4
* Mysql 4.0.18
* Postfix 2.0.18
* MIT Kerberos v5
* Postgresql 7.4.2
* OpenSSH 3.8p1
* XFS filesystem support

and a lot more.

So where can you get it?
You can find it on your favorite mirror. If you don’t know where that is,
please see

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