HWL1 802.11b/g WiFi Locator

The Hawking WiFi Locator is the most stylish, reliable and accurate WiFi signal detector on the market! With just a press of a button, the HWL1 will search for any 802.11b/g wireless networks within the vicinity and display the signal strength using its five LED lights. The hassle of powering up your laptop in search for local wireless hot-spots??? is now a thing of the past. The HWL1 is also equipped with a flip-open Hi-Gain Directional Antenna that helps you determine exactly where the hot-spot??? source is coming from. Simply point the Directional Antenna towards the source and press the Locate??? button. The signal filters on the HWL1, filter through all unwanted 2.4GHz signals, such as BlueTooth, cordless phones and microwaves, providing a reliable and accurate reading each and every time.
via [wifinetnews]

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