Mais um motor para blogues

Daypop is a current events search engine. Daypop crawls the living web at least once a day to bring you the latest information relevant to your searches.
The living web is composed of sites that update on a daily basis: newspapers, online magazines, and weblogs. Weblogs are a new form of personal journalism. Think of them as opinion columns or slices of life. Newspapers give you the international headlines and weblogs give you both a subjective view of current events and a personal view of the author’s life.
Currently, Daypop indexes over 59000 of the best news sites and weblogs on the net every day. If you know of a site that should be included in the Daypop index, feel free to submit it.
Use Daypop to search for the latest news, the newest movie reviews, sports results or the hottest memes.

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