MiniGal is a free webbased image gallery script. It is being offered as a non profit service for photographers and webmasters who want a simple, fast and good looking image gallery on their website.

* Easy to use.
* Fast!
* Template and skin support.
* Displays EXIF image information.
* Supports image titles, descriptions and user comments.
* Multilanguage support.
* Works in PHP safe mode.
* XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS valid. Unicode support.
* Full featured webbased admin interface – control your gallery from any computer (with internet access).
* Multiple image upload & FTP image upload.
* Automatic thumbnail generation.
* Image rotating feature.
* Short gallery URLs.


Mais uma ferramenta em PHP, para a criação de conteúdos na web.

Pivot 1.0 Final

Pivot is a web-based tool to help you maintain dynamic sites, like weblogs or online journals. Pivot is released under the GPL so it is completely free to use. It is written in PHP, and does not require additional libraries or databases to function.

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